Homeowners & Renters Insurance

Home is where the heart is.

Guardian Plus can help protect everything you've worked so hard to achieve. We'll help you protect the place where those memories are made. For most of us our home is our most valuable financial asset, but it’s also a vulnerable asset. Finding the best home owners insurance in California can seem challenging. Whether you own a single-family house, manufactured home, or have a condo on the beach or even rent, homeowners insurance gives you peace of mind and the ability to recover from disasters like theft, flood, fire, and other unplanned events. Our homeowner’s policy protects your home and other structures on your property against a variety of losses and damages/destroyed belongings that occurred to its property or financial liability occurred to any third party by the property of the home owner. We’re here to help you choose coverage that fits both your budget and your priorities.


Home Insurance Coverage

Whether you’re a home or condo owner, landlord, or renter, you want protection for your assets, yourself, and your guests. There are several standard coverages that make up the standard homeowners policy. A standard California’s homeowners insurance policy will cover the following:

Protect your home

We’ll cover you for losses and damages from fire, smoke, theft, vandalism and more. Homeowners insurance provides coverage for damage to your home and other unattached structures and buildings on your property such as a gazebo, fences, storage shed, detached garages, and swimming pools.

Protect yourself

We’ll provide worldwide liability protection for you and members of your household, and additional living expenses if you’re unable to live in your home after a loss. It also pays for damage caused by your pets. In the event that you or anyone in your household is accused of accidentally causing injury or property damage, your insurance coverage can help by providing for legal defense fees and, in the event of a settlement or judgment, can pay damages (up to your policy limit).

Protect your belongings

We’ll cover the property you fill your home with. Homeowners, condominium, or renters insurance also provides coverage for your household contents and personal belongings. Your personal property covers the contents of your house, including furniture, clothing, appliances, electronics, sports equipment and other personal items if they are stolen, damaged, or destroyed up to a certain predetermined limit. Most policies also cover theft or damage to personal property away from home.

Without insurance, you’ll be responsible for protecting your property, possessions and liability exposure. We can also advise you of recommended supplemental insurance to take care of events not covered in a homeowner’s policy, like wear and tear, flood, and earthquake insurance.

You also can purchase the additional home insurance protection:

  • Increased liability and medical payments coverage
  • Extended coverage for personal property, both in and away from your home
  • Higher limits of coverage for theft of jewelry, watches and furs

Nothing is quite like the comfort of your own home. Ensure safety with a home insurance protecting you and your family from distress, because it’s not just the outside that needs protection for the place you call home. The sooner we receive your information, the faster we can get you the proper protection for you, your loved ones, and your home. Guardian Plus provides guides, tips and quotes that can help you reduce your premium and get a better deal on your homeowners insurance.